Mickaël Bergem

Software engineer, occasional hacker and entrepreneur.

Now available for contracting work

I love to travel and to take pictures of places and people! 📸
This picture was taken in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Hi! My name is Mickaël.

I am passionate about many aspects of the IT world, especially web development, infrastructure and security.
I hold a Master of Engineering in Mathematics and Computer Science from École des Ponts ParisTech, and a Master of Science from Télécom ParisTech and École Polytechnique.

I worked for startups in Paris, San Francisco and Los Angeles, as a DevOps, fullstack developper and software engineer.
To practice security in the professional world and learn the latest techniques, I worked as a CyberSecurity consultant and penetration tester, while leading research on RFID security and implementing state-of-the-art attacks.

With an agent from the French CyberSecurity Agency, we published and presented a research paper about the security of U2F at SSTIC, the biggest French technical security event.

In September 2016, I launched a startup project called GéoSchool (allowing you to discover fellow alumni on a map and obtain insider information about their jobs or internships). We worked on it until December 2017, deploying 9 platforms with more than 4000 users and generating more than 15k€ in revenue, and you can see the goodbye message.

I just came back from Los Angeles, where I worked as the Fullstack Team Lead, managing a team of 7 people.
I am now looking for contracting opportunities on the CET (France) or ET (New York) timezone. Let me know if you want to chat!



École Polytechnique & Télécom ParisTech (Paris Saclay)

Master of Science

Master 2 Degree ACN "Advanced Communication Networks" at Paris Saclay in two of the best French schools. Great teachers and state-of-the-art courses. More on the official website.

  • Core IP Networks
  • Protocol verification
  • Mobile networks
  • Random graphs
  • Algorithms for networked information
  • Autonomous networks
  • Traffic engineering

École des Ponts ParisTech

Master of Engineering

Major in "Computer Science and Mathematics" in the 4th best French engineering school, member of the ParisTech network.

  • Software engineering
  • Advanced mathematics tools
  • Machine Learning
  • Image processing
  • Design Thinking

Télécom ParisTech

I took an intensive six-months course of Network Security at Télécom ParisTech, including a project on Heartbleed.

  • Network Security
  • PKI
  • Cryptography
  • TLS
  • Smartcards
  • NFC
  • Web Vulnerabilities

Lycée Saint Louis

Two year of intensive undergraduate program (Classe préparatoires) in mathematics, physics and engineering in preparation for the nationwide competitive examinations to the French Grandes Écoles.

Past Work Experiences

CyberSecurity Consultant

I worked as a CyberSecurity Consultant at Wavestone (March 2016 - August 2016).


About Wavestone

Wavestone is a consultancy firm with more than 2500 consultants. I was part of the CyberSecurity team, in charge of helping our customers secure their infrastructure and data.

I led source code audits, application vulnerability audits, penetration testing on networks and web applications, and even datacenters physical security audits.
I also researched the state of the art of the security of contactless access cards (RFID), with the help of a Proxmark III and a Chameleon Mini.
Spoiler: most production systems are vulnerable and I was able to enter a couple of clients' buildings without an authorized access card.

Software Engineer at AeroFS

I worked as a DevOps and Software Engineer at AeroFS (March 2015 - August 2015) in the San Francisco Bay Area.


About AeroFS

AeroFS is an enterprise file sync & share solution that you can deploy on your own infrastructure. It uses P2P techniques and can work without a central datastore, which poses very interesting engineering challenges.



Part of my tasks was migrating a huge part our infrastructure to the cloud to make it more reliable. I used Docker intensively to improve the Continuous Integration system, increasing its stability and performance.

I also discovered the amazing Californian's startup ecosystem, from meeting YC people to attending technical meetups with Google interns. San Francisco's city and fog were also terrific experiences. I'm not forgetting the DockerCon 2015, where our CTO was a guest speaker.

Agile Web Developer at Theodo

I interned as an agile web developer at Theodo (July 2014 - January 2015).


About Theodo

Theodo is an agile web and mobile development company, of around 50 people, with excellent technical skills in web development (Symfony, NodeJS, AngularJS, ...) and Scrum methodology.



I developed full frontends in AngularJS, with backends using Symfony or Flask/Django. I even presented a small introduction to AngularJS, at one of the weekly formation some of us give to the rest of Theodo.

I also worked as a DevOps engineer, using the following technologies or services :

Previous work experiences

I had other work experiences before working at Theodo :

Ponts Études Projets

Ponts Études Projets

Ponts Études Projets (PEP) is a Junior Enterprise : a non-profit civil social organization, formed and managed exclusively by undergraduate and postgraduate students of higher education, which provides services for companies, institutions and society, under the guidance of teachers and professionals with the goal to consolidate and enhance the learning or their members.

I have been the CIO of PEP in 2014, and was involved in several missions as a consultant, commercial, or technical coach. I was also a member of the board and took part to strategy decisions, prospection, and business development.

  • Ingerop


    As a database engineer, I worked for the Transportation branch which needed a set of formatted files (for each transportation line of a French department) using the data from three different Access databases.
    I successfully merged them by creating a Python script which read the data, agregated it and then generated Excel sheets.

  • Laboratoire Navier

    Laboratoire Navier

    Joint research unit between the École des Ponts ParisTech, CNRS, and IFSTTAR, the Laboratoire Navier studies mechanics and physics of materials and structures.
    I developed a complete web PHP application to compute the environmental impact of a building, from construction to demolition, based on what materials are used to build it.